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森造では、ゲストハウスの色々をお手伝いしてくれるヘルパーさん(女性限定)を募集しています!ゲストハウスが好きな方や海外のゲストさん達との交流を楽しみたい方、学生さんも歓迎です☆住み込み、通いなど相談可です。まずはお気軽にお問い合わせ下さいませ!(※アルバイトではありません)→ osakamorizou@gmail.com

現在、店長候補も同時に募集しています。詳しくはお問い合わせください。→ osakamorizou@gmail.com

The nearest guesthouse from Osaka Castle

Town that remains of history, Osaka Morinomiya, Tamatsukuri. A small guesthouse was opened in this town. It is within a 10-minutes walk from JR and Subway Morinomiya, Tamatsukuri and Tanimachi 4-chome station. And a 3-minute walk from Osaka Castle Park! Access to Namba, Shinsaibashi and Umeda is good, it is best to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara -- KANSAI area sightseeing! This guesthouse is also useful at the time of concerts and events of Osakajo-hall and Kyosera-dorm.

Morizou is recommended for woman travellers

Shared room is the main room and shower, toilet will be jointly. It's not mean that very comfortable and convenient like hotels, but calm atmosphere and relaxing place. We are aiming to cozy Inn for our guests. This is the guesthouse recommended for people who want to relax quietly spent and traveling alone. Guesthouse beginner's and woman traveling alone are welcome! -- because around the inn security is good and Morizou's owner is a woman. You will want to tell someone, but you want to keep your little secret... We are aiming to such guesthouse!


Now we are looking for a new helper! (Only Female) Let's enjoy to live in Osaka and make your home town in Japan!! Looking forward to receiving your e-mail!(^-^)☆→osakamorizou@gmail.com